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        Address:No. 33 Hongxing Road, Nanquan Town, Jimo, Qingdao, Shandong
        Post Code: 266231

        Development Plan

        After thirty-five years of hard work, Qingdao Xueda Group has entered a new stage of development, "five" is a critical period of development of snow. We will build an area of ​​1,100 acres, with an annual 200 million modernization of functional knitted underwear knitted garment industry base, the first building in Qingdao bonded warehouse and export of knitwear, with a more powerful R & D capacity, more closely aligns the world of high fine tip level, more competitive and more efficient raw material security and efficient logistics system supporting the seizure of goods for customers and provide better service to consumers.

            Our basic idea is:Thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, to strengthen party building in order to ensure, grasping internal management to improve the vitality of development, technological innovation caught improve core competitiveness, grasping corporate culture to improve team execution, continue to adhere to "grasp the two markets together, two wheels together turn "business strategy, highlighting the main industry diversified business, focused forming characteristics, growing group forces to achieve sustainable development of enterprises,  Qingdao Xueda Group to build a reputation in the domestic market of modern knitwear Group.

            The basic goal of our plan is:Total operating income in 2010, based on the realization of one billion yuan, a year is not less than 25% growth rate in 2015 reached 30 billion yuan, to achieve speed and efficiency simultaneously increased.


        Qingdao Xueda Group Introduction of modern industrial base project


        August 2010 Qingdao Municipal Government Green Zhengban Zi [2010] No. 142 published Qingdao Xueda Group annual 200 million functional knitted garment production base in Qingdao key projects, Qingdao Xueda Group accounted for the total project land area of ​​1,100 acres, a total investment of 2 billion yuan plan to build 400,000 square meters weaving, sewing workshop, office dormitory, warehouse and ancillary facilities, formed in the production of functional knitted garments 200 million, high profile knitted material fabric 50000 tons of production capacity. Project in three phases. An area of ​​150 acres, the main building of weaving, clothing shop, office dormitory 55,000 square meters, conduct research and development of high-end knitwear production, at present, a project put into use. Two covering 260 acres, the main building workshops, warehouses, office dormitory 100,000 square meters for child knitted garments and clothing accessories production and processing. Three covers 690 acres, the main building of bonded warehouses, container depots, bonded trading center 280,000 square meters, carry clothing, apparel, metal, rubber and other bonded logistics business. One project was completed and commissioned in December 2011, after the completion of all projects will become Northeast Asia's largest knitwear industry base strength and brand influence.