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        Address:No. 33 Hongxing Road, Nanquan Town, Jimo, Qingdao, Shandong
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        Research strength

        Qingdao Xueda Group was established in September 2000, under the Group Technical Committee, with full-time staff of 50 people, including college education accounted for 90%, 95% or more personnel to obtain professional titles, and Shandong Textile Research Institute, Donghua University , Qingdao University, Toyobo, Toray and other research institutes, universities and well-known enterprises to establish a close cooperation between production and hired a world-famous dyeing, printing and knitting expert technical adviser for years. Group companies have invested huge amounts of money every year for the technology center building and new product development, production and operation even in difficult times, and still maintain the speed of research and innovation funds to invest not less than 30% of the increase, which in 2008 invested more than 16 million yuan of funds , about 50% of the profits of the year.
        Technology Center to develop innovative force, supporting R & D and testing facilities, adhere to the "going out, please come" approach and the "development of generation, production, reserve generation" measures in research and innovation to work to foster technological innovation leading products . The study has successfully developed the famous "Top Ten" sportswear, polyester cotton cover series, silk cotton series, modified acrylic series, multi-component functional skin-friendly series, Ingeo series, and many new products with outstanding performance , fashion design, excellent quality, domestic and foreign consumers, new product development, the Ministry of Agriculture Gold Award, has won seven national patents, four national key new products, and departmental standards, a number of provincial and municipal gifted gifted , was named designer of Qingdao, Qingdao City, consumer confidence satisfied with the product, brand, Shandong, Shandong Province, Shandong ten potential of the brand, is the "Shandong Fortune Global Forum," "Popular Daily", "Economic Daily", "Shandong Daily Worker" and other two Shandong ten dozen media as competitive brands, in 2012 by the State Administration for Industry in China well-known trademark.

        Research and development of new products acrylic modified by experts Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, to fill the gap, by the State Economic and Trade Commission as national key new products, won the Qingdao City, "Spark Science and Technology prize", Shandong Province, "Science and Technology progress Award ", awarded a national patent; functional skin-knitted products by experts Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, once again fill the gaps in the country, reached the international advanced level; Ingeo fiber of new products by Shandong Province Science and Technology Department experts, once again reached the international advanced level, have been identified as national key new products.

        Group Technology Center are held for a period of half a year to develop new products exhibition, inviting domestic and foreign businessmen and experts to attend knitwear industry, has won high appraisal of the person concerned and the large number of orders in recent years developed herringbone cloth cotton love cotton, FTY, new products such as heavy cotton knitted garments to lead the domestic market trends and become a favorite of consumers; development of a / R, A / W, and other products become Qingdao Xueda Group in the world market, especially Japan's most influential business cards on the market. By virtue of their superior performance and development of innovative knitwear industry on the domestic outstanding contributions to the Group Technical Center in December 2004 was identified as "Qingdao municipal technology center," January 2013 was identified as the Shandong provincial technology center, group experts workstation by the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of Personnel and the first "Qingdao new fiber application development expert workstation" Qingdao Xueda Group has also been identified as high-tech enterprises in Qingdao City, adhere to independent research and innovation at the same time, also assumed the country, provincial, municipal technical research and innovation projects.